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The identity that we represent had been proudly held once by Mustafa Suphi, Nazım Hikmet, Harun Karadeniz, and all others...

Long live the Communist Youth of Turkey!  

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 In respect to the meeting held on January 22, 2017 in Istanbul, which proclaimed the return of the Communist Party of Turkey’s (TKP) return in politics, the Communist Youth (KG) declared that it will continue its struggle under the name “Communist Youth of Turkey – TKG”. The statement is as follows:

Communist Youth of Turkey: WE OWE YOU NOTHING!

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Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) made an announcement about the statement declared by the president of the Institution of Credits and Dormitories (KYK). Of 1 million 156 thousand 832 students who receive education credit, 239 thousand 97 were not able to pay back their credit debts.

Communist Youth of Turkey: Do not Forget 16th of March!

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Communist Youth of Turkey has made declaration commemorating the revolutionary students who were killed in Istanbul University in March 16, 1978. It also called out for fostering class politics against the increasing attacks on universities.